Project Timeline

The EBCC will run two cohorts of projects each school year – one in the fall semester, and one in the spring – with similar outlines.  Each cohort will consist of up to six (6) projects, based on the number of start-up ventures available through Emory’s Office of Tech Transfer (OTT).  Projects that are funded through the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) will be given precedence each year.  See below for a short description of typical events for each EBCC cohort.
Kickoff Event
Each cohort of the EBCC will commence with a kickoff event to highlight the projects that are participating and the representatives for each start-up venture.  These events will allow students/postdocs to determine if their experiences and interests align with specific projects, and to apply to join.  

Assign Teams

Within one week of the kickoff event, the executive board will assign teams of approximately five (5) students to each start-up venture based on interest and experiences.  Applications will be made available at the kickoff to gather information that can help improve team dynamic.  Student project leaders will be assigned based on relative experience, and preference given to former EBCC members.

Meet Team 
Following the formation of teams, one executive board member will help coordinate a meeting between the selected students, the representative(s) from the start-up venture, and an OTT officer that is assigned to the project.  At this meeting, non-disclosure agreements will be signed, and expectations of deliverables will be determined.

Project Update 
Participation in EBCC will not be trivial, and will likely require a few hours of dedicated work each week.  Each project will have specific needs and expectations, and deadlines may exist that lead to longer work weeks than others.  It is recommended that groups establish a schedule to follow throughout the semester, and plan to meet with the representative(s) from the start-up venture bi-weekly to discuss progress and next steps.  Executive board members should also be updated on progress, and will liaise between students and representatives in the event of conflict.

Expert Advice 
An external expert will be hired for each cohort, and be hosted on campus one day during the semester to consult the teams about their projects and to evaluate progress.  The expert will be hosted approximately halfway through each semester in order to allow adequate time for project goals to pivot, based on the recommendations.  Experts may be from C-suite positions from biotech companies, management consultants, or venture capitalists, among many others.  These meetings will help to curate next steps for projects, expand networks, and to provide direct access to  non-traditional careers for EBCC members.

Project Update
Project updates in the second half of the semester will continue, and may require more frequent scheduling.  In addition to reaching project expectations of deliverables and any milestones suggested by external experts, teams will need to prepare and practice a short summary of work to be presented at a gala event.

EBCC Gala 
The EBCC will celebrate each cohort with a gala event that has the representative(s) from the start-up ventures introduce their technology, team, and semester objectives.  The teams will then pitch their work to a panel of experts and guests, and receive feedback about their accomplishments.