Starting the Semester!

Thanks to all for a great inaugural semester of EBCC. We are in the process of finalizing the projects for this upcoming Fall Semester cohort. 

We are hosting two events to gear up for the semester. 

Open House, Thursday, August 15, 4-6PM, Atwood 316: This is for students and staff interested in learning more about EBCC and how they can get involved. Refreshments provided. 

Kickoff, Thursday, September 5, 4-5:30PM, Atwood 360: This event is open to everybody. We will give an introduction of the club, the participating companies/PIs will speak, and those interested in joining teams will provide information. Reception will follow speakers. 

Email Erika (ecsatar [at] emory [dot] edu) with any questions. 

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April Housekeeping

To begin, I want to send out a deserved congrats to everyone that has been participating in our inaugural cohort of #EBCC and for helping make this club such a success. Our idea for the club would be nothing without the hard work you have all put towards your respective projects, and of course to the PIs for their willingness to join forces with us. It will be a strong push to the finish line and for everyone to present and celebrate your achievements for the semester, but we are here to help you in whatever ways possible. Do not hesitate to reach out, and expect us to contact you to see what we can do for each of you.

Secondly, we are going to be presenting a poster to highlight our club at the upcoming Emory Innovation Showcase (April 18, 2019; We suggest that everyone consider registering for the FREE event, because it should be very informative and a great networking opportunity with big names from Emory and the Atlanta area. This is yet another call to any of you to provide us with a testimonial (email or direct message me) about your experience with the club, and we may use it on our poster or with future marketing material (with your permission).

Additionally, if you have had positive experiences with #EBCC this year and would like to get involved in a larger role for future cohorts, please reach out to us. We are very open to discussion about potential roles within the club, and what assets you think you can bring to the club and hopefully help make it even stronger.

Lastly, we want to promote an upcoming opportunity presented by Goizueta Business School called Emory Startup Launch. Applications are currently open for this 10-week program that is designed to help early-stage startups build and test their business ideas and models. It could be a great chance to take some of the Spring 2019 projects and continue to adapt the business, or for any of you to make your own jump into the entrepreneurial pool! Check the program out and see if it is right for you, and be sure to spread the word to anyone else that may be interested.

Once again, congrats to all of our current teams for the great work that you have accomplished so far, and we look forward to being able to celebrate those successes with you at our semester-end “Gala” (April 30, 2019).

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Recruiting Sessions for ClearView Healthcare Partners (Boston, MA)

Recently, EBCC was contacted by ClearView Healthcare Partners – a life sciences consulting firm based focused on the biopharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostics spaces.  This firm is currently recruiting advanced degree candidates with life sciences expertise for full-time opportunities in life sciences consulting.  For our EBCC members, this is an excellent opportunity to apply and be able to use your experience from this semester on your resume!

Below, please find a list of the positions that ClearView is currently accepting applications for, and the respective deadlines.

Entry Level Consultant (full-time)

Application Submission Deadline:  11:59 pm EDT, March 3, 2019

Interviews Being Held: March and April 2019

Positions Starting: Summer 2019 – Summer 2020

More Information: full position description below or on our website

Connect to ClearView (immersion program)

Application Submission Deadline:  11:59 pm EDT, March 31, 2019

Interviews Being Held: April and May 2019

Program Dates: June 26 – 28, 2019 or July 17 – 19, 2019

More Information: on our website at

How to Apply:

Please apply to either position through our website by uploading your one-page resume and cover letter to the appropriate portal:


Contact: Anna Lin

Anna [dot] lin [at] clearviewhcp [dot] com

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TI:GER Innovation Conference

We at EBCC are proud to share and promote an upcoming TI:GER event on the morning of Thursday March 28, 2019.  The 2019 Conference will involve a public debate about the ethical and societal implications as well as the policies and laws for the responsible use of AI.  The Conference will bring together AI users, designers, and along with the professionals concerned about its business and legal impact.  For their event, they have confirmed speakers from Emory’s Center for Ethics, Microsoft, Esquify, Bloomberg Law and the Lawyerist legal blog.

This event will be very interesting, and applicable to some of our teams in this inaugural cohort! Those that are interested must register for the event (, and should direct any questions to Prof. Nicole Morris (nicole [dot] n [dot] morris [at] emory [dot] edu).

#EBCC #TI:GER #Emory #entrepreneurship 

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Meet & Greet: Dr. Nabiha Saklayen (Cellino Biotech), February 8, 2019

We are very excited to announce that EBCC will be hosting an informal meet and greet event with Dr. Nabiha Saklayen. She is an Emory alumna (Physics & Mathematics, 2012) that is CEO and founder of Cellino Biotech, which is based in Cambridge, MA. Dr. Saklayen is a bio-inspired physicist developing technologies to redefine the cell engineering industry. She was recognized as a “Pioneer” in MIT Tech Review’s 35 Innovators under 35 list for her inventions in laser-based delivery methods.  As Cellino’s CEO & co-founder, Dr. Saklayen assembled a world-class, convergent team to enable the future of medicine. 

Meeting with Dr. Saklayen is an excellent opportunity for EBCC members to speak with a young, successful entrepreneur that has a STEM background (from Emory!). Tentatively, we have scheduled a short presentation from Dr. Saklayen at 2 pm on Friday February 8, 2019. We are booked in Atwood 360 to accommodate as many people as possible, but please contact Taylor (taylor [dot] hari [at] emory [dot] edu) or Erika (ecsatar [at] emory [dot] edu) to have your name added to the guest list.

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EBCC Kickoff Event

We are very excited to announce the details to the kickoff event for our inaugural cohort of the EBCC. If you are a student from Laney, GDBBS, Goizueta, Rollins, Emory Law or Medical Schools, you are our target audience! We want to assemble interdisciplinary teams of students to act as consulting groups for start-up companies that began right here at Emory, and to help these companies conduct market analysis and other project-specific needs. Experience is not necessary, as this club aims to provide entrepreneurial environments for you to apply your current knowledge and expertise.

Join us January 14, 2019 in the chemistry building, Atwood Hall, to hear more about joing EBCC and the companies that are participating in our pilot program. This pilot will run January through April 2019, and will end with a gala to present the findings to a panel of invited experts and guests. Click the “REGISTRATION” tab and follow the link to become a member of the EBCC, and to register today to attend the kickoff event to learn more!

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Welcome to the Emory Biotech Consulting Club, where science and business meet! The Emory Biotech Consulting Club (EBCC) will be a semester-long start-up accelerator open to the entire Emory community, with emphasis on STEM and business graduate students. The intention of the club is to group interested candidates in small teams, and to pair teams with Emory investigators (PIs) or local start-ups to provide thorough market analyses and to develop early-stage ideas into preliminary business plans with executive summaries. The Emory Office of Tech Transfer (OTT) will be actively involved with the club, and aide in securing accelerator projects. Teams will be selected from applicant pools from the entire Emory community, where at least one MBA or business student will be placed on each team, if possible. Teams will work on developing their projects in their own time, but will have scheduled meetings with the start-up representative, OTT licensing liaison, and consulting expert throughout the semester. The number of teams will correlate with demand from PIs and applicants; EBCC is expected to operate with approximately 5 teams per cohort. Each cohort will culminate with a presentation of all projects as pitches to the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA), with discussion and questions from a panel of mentors, entrepreneurs, and experts.


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