Program Projects

Contact us if you have a company/technology that you would like to have participate in a future cohort!

Fall 2023 Cohort

Emtherapro, Proteomics
Emtherapro website
Kiran Pandey, CEO, PhD

Ericsen Lab, Automation pipeline
Adam Ericsen, PhD

Myomatrix,  Electromyography device
Sam Sober, PhD

Precision Biomarker Imaging,  MRI software
Phillip Sun, PhD
Emory Primate Research Center Imaging Center

Spring 2023 Cohort

EndoSafe, Medical Device
Anand Jain, MD
Gastroenterology – School of Medicine

NephroDI website
Rachael Hagan, CEO; Jeff Sands; MD, Janet Klein, PhD
Nephrology – School of Medicine

RBO Solutions, Treatment planning solution
Liyong Lin, PhD; William Dynan, PhD, Nathan Harrison, PhD
Radiology Oncology – School of Medicine

Verdant Scientific, Therapeutic
Robert Rushenberg, CEO; Cassandra Quave, PhD
Dermatology – School of Medicine


Fall 2022 Cohort

Bystro, Genomic analyzing software
Thomas Wingo, MD & Alex Koltar, PhD
School of Medicine

Bioflow, Medical Device
John Moon, PhD 
School of Medicine

Liquid Biopsy, Diagnostic tool
Hui Moon, PhD
Radiology and Imaging Science – School of Medicine

Switchboard – AI Based Triage, Machine Learning Software
Blake Anderson, MD
Internal Medicine

Spring 2022 Cohort

Fibronox, Therapeutic
Louise Hecker, PhD

Immunoregenerative Therapies for Oral Wound Healing, Therapeutic
Steven Goudy, MD
Pediatric Otolaryngology

Neubulk, Medical Device
Niall Gallaway, MD

Platelet Mechanosensor to Predict Bleeding Risk, Diagnostic
Khalid Salaita, PhD

Fall 2021 Cohort

Sequegenics, Sequencing Solution
Dario Dilernia, PhD & Daniela Monaco, PhD
School of Medicine

Neovaccine Therapy, Therapeutic
Joanna Goldberg, PhD

Heteroresistance Antibiotics, Therapeutic
David Weiss, PhD & Peter Yunker, PhD
Infectious Diseases

Immunoregenerative Therapies for Oral Wound Healing, Therapeutic
Steven Goudy, MD
Pediatric Otolaryngology

Spring 2021 Cohort

Anti-Platelet Therapeutics, Therapeutic
Renhao Li, PhD

InvenTech Solutions, Cell Culture Platform
Vahid Serpooshan, PhD 
Biomedical Engineering

Muscle Polymer, Therapeutic
Bryce Chung, PhD & Muneeb Zia, PhD
Neuroscience & Electrical Engineering

Tailoring Telehealth to Patients & Practitioners Needs, Diagnostic
Matthew Brown, MD
Internal Medicine

Spring 2020 Cohort

CoCites, Scientific literature search tool
A. Cecile Janssens, PhD (Founder)
SPH – Epidemiology

MapHabit, Healthcare IT
Stuart Zola, PhD (Founder)
SoM – Psychiatry & Behavioral Sci

Metaclipse Therapeutics, Cancer immunotherapy
Periasamy Selvaraj, PhD (Founder)
SoM – Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Nyra Medical, Cardiac leaflet enhancer
Muralidhar Padala, PhD (Founder)
SoM – Cardiothoracic Surgery

Fall 2019 Cohort participants.

Cambium Oncology, Therapeutic
Edmund Waller, MD, PhD (Founder)
Dept. of Hematology / Medical Oncology

MamaliBra, Device
Andrea Joyner, MD (Founder)
Dept. of Gynecology / Obstetrics

Pyrefin, Therapeutic
Raymond Dingledine, PhD (Founder)
Dept. of Pharmacology / Chemical Biology

ResonanceDx, Diagnostic
Carlos Moreno, PhD (Founder)
Dept. of Pathology / Laboratory Medicine

StudyFind, App/IT
Andrew Garcia, MPH (Founder)
School of Public Health Alumnus

Spring 2019 Cohort (inaugural cohort)