REU Site: Mind, Brain, Body, and Behavior (MB3) provides research opportunities during its summer session thanks to mentors across each of the graduate research concentrations at Emory Psychology.

Concentrations focus on biological mechanisms and include:

Behavioral & Systems Neuroscience: Focuses on studies of neural systems using electrophysiology, fMRI, and neuroanatomical approaches, field and laboratory studies of behavior, cognition and memory, exploring the information conveyed by nonlinguistic communication signals, and quantification of gene expression following different behavior.

Clinical Science: Focuses on biological, cognitive, affective and social processes that are associated with risk and intervention for psychopathology.

Cognitive & Computational Science: Focuses on the processes that underlie human perception, learning, memory, emotion, conceptual representation, and language.

Developmental Science: Focuses on understanding the origins and development of the human mind and brain by investigating the ontogenetic and phylogenetic underpinnings of social and cognitive processes, as well as the development and learning that accompany these processes.

MB3 participants will get to know the faculty and their research during the spring online workshop. Afterwards they will be matched with a faculty research mentor for their summer in-person research.

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