REU Participants

Abby Larson is a sophomore at Gettysburg College double majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Once Abby graduates she plans to apply for a clinical psychology Ph.D. program. She hopes to conduct eating disorder research and develop preventative treatments. In Abby’s free time, she conducts psychology research with a professor, works in a local coffee shop, and is an active member of her sorority (AOII).
Mentor: Dr. Benjamin Wilson
Alixandra Green is a junior at Hampton University studying Psychology and Criminal Justice. Alixandra has an interest in exploring the intersections of psychology specifically criminology, social justice, and public policy to gain a holistic understanding of human behavior and its implication on society. Alixandra’s interest in True Crime is part of why she wants to go into a career in Forensic Psychology. Alixandra has a love for dogs and in her free time, she volunteers at a dog shelter.

Mentor: Dr. Aubrey Kelly

Amirah Mckinley is a rising senior Psychology major from Evanston Illinois attending Spelman College. She is interested in Neuropsychology and looking at the relationship between the brain and behavior. More specifically she has an interest in neurodevelopmental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. Upon graduating from Spelman, she plans to obtain a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology and become a Pediatric Neuropsychologist or a Forensic Neuropsychologist. In her free time, she enjoys painting, reading, spending time in nature and with family.

Mentor: Dr. Joseph Manns

Gabriella Lee is a junior at Spelman College with a major in Psychology and a minor in Management and Organization. Gabriella has an interest in understanding the interface between mental health and the juvenile legal system. Gabriella has a deep aspiration to become a Behavioral Analyst. In Gabriella’s free time, she loves to travel and binge-watch shows like “Law and Order”, “Lock Up” and other forensic and crime-related shows.

Mentor: Dr. Rohan Palmer

Jordan Lockwood is a third-year Psychology major with an Entrepreneurship minor at Hampton University. Jordan has a nonprofit (The Happy Project) where she is trying to change the negative stigma of mental health while also giving back to the community through service and wellness. Jordan’s goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in community or clinical psychology and conduct research focusing on childhood trauma and development, specifically within the Black community. During Jordan’s free time, she does art therapy workshops, Zumba classes, and meditation/yoga sessions.

Mentor: Dr. Rohan Palmer

Kevin Zheng is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary studying Psychology with a minor in Global Education. Kevin has an interest in understanding the interplay between socioeconomic disadvantage and psychopathology in children. Kevin also has an interest in intergenerational effects, risk and protective factors, and the nuances of stress and emotion regulation. Kevin loves to cook and listen to music.

Mentor: Dr. James Rilling

MaKayla Ojeah is a junior Psychology major attending Spellman College. MaKayla has an interest in understanding the psychological support of human behavior. MaKayla would like to have a career as an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist. At the age of 17, MaKayla started her own business and has been in a movie. 

Mentor: Dr. Brianna Yamasaki

Naomi Mwangi is a third-year, first-generation student majoring in Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Naomi has an interest in conducting research that focuses on mental health in minority groups. Naomi wants to become a Clinical Psychologist. Naomi swam in 3 out of the 5 “oceans” in the world and her favorite thing to do is read.

Mentor: Dr. Patricia Brennan

Pahul Dhoat is a junior Psychology major that attends Cal Poly SLO. Pahul has an interest in psychology research, specifically in cognition. Pahul would like to combine his interest in Medicine and Psychology/Neuroscience with an MD/Ph.D. In Pahul’s free time, he loves to play football and volleyball. 

Mentor: Dr. Peter Hitchcock

Zoe McNeil is a junior at Tuskegee University studying Psychology with a minor in Bioethics. Zoe is interested in both research and clinical aspects of psychology. Zoe goal is to work with communities of color that are impacted by intergenerational trauma. Zoe has a passion for ADHD, anxiety, and the misdiagnosis of ODD in black youth. Mental health and illness and its impact on marginalized people is very fascinating and important to Zoe. After graduating Zoe wants to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology. 

Mentor: Dr. Ali Cohen

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