Enhancing the Quad

Utilizing the information and feedback we received from our survey, coupled with our own ideas, we made future models and suggestions for green space on Emory’s campus. Noticing that there was a lot of feedback suggesting there be more study spaces with chairs and tables in existing green spaces on campus, we made two possible future models of the quad using these suggestions.

In our research, we found that most of Emory’s initiatives regarding green space relate to preservation rather than usability. In the future, Emory may want to consider adopting goals that encourage student involvement with the outdoors.

You can view our 3D models here.

Quad Design 1 Quad Design 2

Development of the Dobbs University Center

Currently, there are plans for the DUC to be completely reconstructed, and there are six  proposed designs. We assessed designs and selected the one we thought would add the most green space to campus. You can find a 3D version we created based on that model here. The actual model, along with a description, is pictured below.