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Alumni Spotlight: Nicole Sartwood

Category : #WeAreEmoryEPI

Nicole Sartwood, MSPH EH EPI 2017

Research Analyst & Programmer -Harvard T.H. Chan School

I build computational models of tuberculosis in both the US and global populations. Through these models various intervention and policy options are investigated for their ability to reduce disease burden and their cost-effectiveness.

What from the EPI program helps you in your current position: Working as Dr. Sam Jenness’ TA reminded me of my love for computational modeling and its utility in the realm of Public Health.

Advice to current EPIs: Network! Not only with professors and other established scholars, but also with your peers. The students at RSPH have a diverse wealth of knowledge!

Faculty Spotlight: Dayna Johnson

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Dayna A. Johnson, PhD, MPH, MSW, MS

My research is aimed at understanding the root causes of sleep health disparities and their impact on cardiovascular disease by 1) addressing the social and environmental determinants of sleep disorders and insufficient sleep; and 2) investigating the influence of modifiable factors such as sleep disorders and disturbances on disparities in cardiovascular outcomes.

Favorite Lecture to Teach: Social determinants of sleep

How I interact with students: I have 4 students that work in my research lab. They help with launching new studies, scoring sleep, literature searches and participate in manuscript as well as grant preparation.

Twitter Handle: @DrDaynaAJohnson

Fun Facts: I have run 4 half marathons and was on a marathon relay team.

Recent Publications: 

Johnson, D. A., et al. (2018). “Prevalence and correlates of obstructive sleep apnea among African Americans: the Jackson Heart Sleep Study.” Sleep 41(10).

Johnson, D. A., et al. (2018).  “Association Between Sleep Apnea and Blood Pressure Control Among Blacks: Jackson Heart Sleep Study.” Circulation.


Alumni Spotlight: Vanessa Da Costa

Category : #WeAreEmoryEPI

Vanessa Da Costa, GLEPI MPH, 2018

Global Epidemiology Fellow at CDC South Africa (PHI/CDC Global Health Fellowship Program)

I am on the Quality Improvement Team at CDC South Africa. In this position I support the development of data collection and analysis tools for quality improvement projects. I also manage SIMS (Site Improvement Monitoring System) to ensure adequate data collection, visit completion, and quality assurance. I work with the Quality Improvement team to collaborate across CDC branches (prevention, care and treatment, etc) and support implementing partners in our overall goal of helping facilities reach their 90-90-90 PEPFAR targets through the use of quality improvement strategies.

From the classroom, I found my coursework in evidence-based decision making, data cleaning to be very helpful skills to my work in this position. Additionally, I am very glad I took the weekend EPI Info course, since I use that software on a daily basis! My work-study experience at Rollins is instrumental to my work now. While working with the Rwanda Zambia HIV Research Group and my faculty advisor in the Department of Epidemiology, I was able to lead the data collection tool development and actively participate in the monitoring and evaluation of a postpartum family planning intervention. Those skills I gained while at RSPH are directly related to the work I am doing at CDC South Africa.

Additionally, take advantage of courses outside of your department. The qualitative coursework I’ve completed and accompanying practical experience is beneficial to my work in Quality Improvement. Another suggestion is to take advantage of out of classroom learning opportunities. Personally, my non-classroom experiences are just as valuable- if not more- than my in classroom ones. This includes work study, practicum, and Rollins mHealth Collaboration sessions on implementing digital health strategies!


Faculty Spotlight: Lauren Christiansen-Lindquist

Category : #WeAreEmoryEPI

Lauren Christiansen-Lindquist, PhD, MPH

My research interests include improving 1) stillbirth surveillance, 2) access to evaluations to determine the cause of death, and 3) the care that families receive around the time of a loss.

Courses: EPI 534, EPI 565, EPI 740, EPI 791, HLTH 207

Favorite Lecture to Teach: It’s so hard to choose! I really enjoy teaching about selecting controls for case-control studies – it’s fun to show how the math works out in order for the OR to estimate other measures of association

How I interact with students: Advise theses, work with REAL students through the MCH Center of Excellence

Follow on #EpiTwitter: @LCLindquist

Recent Publication:  Forsberg K, Christiansen-Lindquist L, Silver RM. (2018). Factors Associated with Stillbirth Autopsy in Georgia and Utah, 2010-2014: The Importance of Delivery Location. Am J Perinatol. 35(13):1271-1280. doi: 10.1055/s-0038-1648234. Epub 2018 May 3. PubMed PMID: 29723902.

Fun Fact: When I’m off duty (both from work, and being a mom of 3 boys), I like to spend time in my craft room sewing.

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