(Faith-Based Home Activity Toolbox)

Why Faith-Hat?

  • Religious involvement and practices are associated with religious coping that positively influences health outcomes
  • Research supports that religiosity serves as a protective factor against the stressors associated with caregiving and living with dementia
  • It is important to meet people living with dementia where they are by engaging in activities that are important to them
  • The goal of this study is to design meaningful interfaith home activities to improve the well-being of caregivers and their family members with memory impairment

Why Participate?

  • African Americans are underrepresented in medical research
  • Participating in research of any kind helps reduce disparities that exist within the African American community
  • Older African Americans are at a greater risk than other groups of being diagnosed with dementia

What Participation Entails…

  • Caregivers and persons living with memory impairment will be asked to engage in 3 activities from the Faith-Based Home Activity Toolbox every week for 3 months
  • Caregivers will complete pre- and post-surveys and weekly caregiver diaries
  • Recognizing the busy schedule of caregivers, weekly reminders via phone call or text will be sent to caregivers to complete diary entries
  • Caregivers will receive $25 honorarium for each completed survey, interview, and diary entry. Will also receive $5 for each weekly diary entry completed.

Eligibility Criteria


  • > 18 years of age
  • Black / African American
  • Live with and providing unpaid care to a family or friend with memory impairment

Persons living with memory impairment:

  • Black / African American
  • Living with a family caregiver
  • History of participating in religious activities
  • Understands English

At this time, we are no longer recruiting for Faith-HAT

Funded by National Institute on Aging