Daily Archives: April 14, 2014

Human Pheromones

I finally got around to finding the paper on human pheromones. I didn’t get the exact paper about the women and their husband’s t-shirt, but this had more experiments done on it. The second article is a scientific article about human pheromone and the impact it has on sexual attraction and social behaviors in general. This article also seems to support that we do have pheromones that can subconsciously impact us. I found these article really interesting. When are attracted to someone, their pheromone is almost unnoticeable, yet the experiments in the articles seem to suggest smell has a larger impact on our decisions than we thought. Scent does have a large influence on us though. The scents that you can smell consciously can actually bring out memories faster than most other senses. I guess the subconscious scents can have an effect too.