Spotlight: EEE Members at the American Anthropological Association annual Meeting

Join EEE members in Vancouver at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association!

Shreyas Sreenath

Co-organizer and presenter, Genres of Expression in the Anthropocene

Wednesday, November 20
4:30 PM – 6:15 PM
Location: Vancouver CC WEST, Room 114

This panel presents multi-sensory research (Vidali 1016) that experiments with genre and form in order to understand, communicate, and locate situated habitations in the anthropocene. The presenters draw on a variety of different approaches, including narrative exploration, video, sound, creative writing, and sensory engagements. Together, these presentations seek to unravel: 1) How diverse genres of expression can help us envision new possibilities for continued human and non-human life on this planet; 2) How diverse genres enable us to situate the increasing awareness of planetary limits in specific socio-cultural, historical, and political contexts.

Sreenath will present “Ecologies of Embodiment and Ecologies of Affect in Bengaluru, India.” What if we took bodies and their capacities to move, affect, and contaminate (Massumi 2002; Stewart 2009; Stoller 1997), as the primary actors of ethnographic correspondence, rather than the vision privileged by the singular participant observer? This presentation explores this possibility in contemporary Bengaluru, a city whose repute as India’s Silicon Valley has generated unencumbered speculative growth (Goldman 2011) and significant ecological challenges for continued inhabitation in and around city limits.

Brynn Champney

Panelist, Playing with Words: Experiments for Everyone in Crafting Creative Nonfiction that Connects with Audiences

Thursday, November 21
8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Location: Vancouver CC WEST, Room 210

We reach wider audiences when we express anthropological insights in accessible and engaging ways. What makes a good ethnographic story, what are the options for narrative voices, what structural options are there, and how do we solve some common writing issues? This special ethnographic writing session explores the flexible craft of creative nonfiction writing, picking out some key themes to address and experiment with together.

AJ Jones

Panelist, Bringing Performance Ethnography back to Anthropology

Friday, November 22
4:15 PM – 6:00 PM
Location: Vancouver CC WEST, Room 120
This roundtable examines recent ethnographic projects at the intersection of humanistic anthropology, theatre, performance, and multimodal research approaches in order to track the interdisciplinary conversations around collaborative arts-based ethnography. Performance ethnography uses theater and contemporary performance—as collaborative, multisensorial, and transdisciplinary modalities— at the level of ethnographic process, analysis, and representation.
Jones will discuss play scenes and performative exercises generated from her ongoing collaborative exploration in North Carolina alongside individuals with the genetic condition Turner Syndrome.