Ethnography by Design Workshop, 3/20 (cancelled)

Event cancelled. To be rescheduled.
March 20,
Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry
This workshop will explore the tools that design-thinking offers to ethnographic fieldwork and representation. We will pre-circulate a chapter from Cantarella, Hegel and Marcus’s recent book Ethnography By Design (2019). During the workshop we will discuss ideas raised in the text, including the “productive encounter,” speculation, collaboration, and an orientation to problem-solving in design practice. We will then use some of the design-lab exercises provided by the authors to give participants the opportunity to explore ways in which design thinking and design practices can be applied in their own research.
For a copy of the pre-circulated reading, email Sasha Tycko (stycko [at] emory [dot] edu).
Featured image: the cover of Ethnography by Design by Luke Cantarella, Christine Hegel, and George E. Marcus, published by Bloomsbury (2019).