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Week 4 – Sheridan- #Authentic

As I forge ahead with the building of the WHNP 2 hybrid course I struggle with multiple things. How do I deliver content so that students can take that knowledge and then perform tasks?   I have decided on content delivered online through recorded PowerPoint, zaption quizzes, and Voice Thread rounds.  However, the ultimate test is if the students can pass the skills portion of the course working with simulated patients.

When I reviewed the assessment strategies it was clear that I am much more focused on the authentic assessment.  I think in general most clinically focused courses are (or should be focused in that manner). The following comparison from the Mueller article highlights what we specifically look at in nursing simulations.   Nurses need to be able to proficiently perform tasks in real life situations.  They need to apply knowledge in situations that may not be “textbook”.

Traditional ——————————————— Authentic

Selecting a Response ———————————— Performing a Task

Contrived ————————————————————— Real-life

Recall/Recognition ——————————- Construction/Application

Teacher-structured ————————————- Student-structured

Indirect Evidence ——————————————– Direct Evidence

My strengths are in the creation of realistic simulation experiences as well as delivering content in a relate able and practical way.  My area of weakness is creating rubrics that are meaningful and measurable.  I generally adapt other rubrics for what I need but am not sure that they are truly valid or as concise and specific as needed.

Week 2 – Sheridan – Motivation, Management and Me – oh my!

As I previously posted I am nervous and a little overwhelmed.  I didn’t get past line two of the article Teaching Time Investment (Van de Vord & Pogue, 2012) when I really started to sweat.  No clear answer if online teaching saves time or is MORE WORK? What??? However, their research concluded with a somewhat gray answer of somethings take longer while others are more time effective.  Ok. So… do the work and it will pay off.  Right?

You asked what motivates me to teach online.  First, my boss motivates me by telling me that is what is needed.  Keeping my job – HUGE motivator! Second I do love technology and the virtual office.  I am a single mom to small children and having the flexibility of when and where I can work is a HUGE motivator.  I also think virtual meetings can offer insights in to people and their lives that you may not get to experience otherwise.

I believe I can be effective and engaging to the online student learners in several ways.  I think nursing school can be somewhat routine and monotonous.  The virtual world allows to break that up for students to work within their schedules (to some degree). It also allows for games, videos, quizzes and other multimedia learning experiences.  One way I plan to use it is to have students do motivational interviewing, health histories & counseling sessions, record and post them.  Then they will need to critique their own work and offer feedback for growth.

Time management will be one of my biggest challenges.  So much front work has to be done before the semester starts and I am currently in the middle of this semester.   I have recorded several webinars or voice over power points before and they take SO MUCH longer than if I were to give it live.  I need to make a plan, be very organized and stay on time.   The other thing I worry about is that I am not a very serious person – I make jokes, like to be silly and I need to be cautious about how I come across via the electronic world.   One sentence is can be taken in a variety of ways because you lose the nuances of verbal communication. I think with practice I can find a middle ground of professional and approachable.

So as I said in the beginning – I guess I need to start putting in the work and it will all work out. Right?

Week 2 – Sheridan – First reflections #Goodtimes

So far so good. Sorta. Not going to lie – a little overwhelmed by the timing – all at once everything seems urgent. I appreciate how this course is laid out and how organized it is. I am lucky that my first semester at Emory I co-taught in a course in which we used VT weekly so I am comfortable with that platform. I do plan on using it this summer. What has me most worried is my course that I am building for the summer (which I found out yesterday has to go back through curriculum committee) is 5 credits. I have 15 hours of lecture, 30 hours of seminar and 180 hours of clinical. The clinical hours are handled. Handled – sounds like I am an assassin. I have 12 hours of face to face time with the students – so I have 33 hours that I have to do outside of that. That is daunting. Actually my head started hurting again just typing that. #goodtimes