Say goodbye to EUCLID on June 1

The library catalog is currently searchable via either discoverE or EUCLID. We continue to upgrade the systems behind our library catalog and as part of our ongoing upgrade; discoverE will soon be the only interface to search library resources. To avoid interruptions and stress during the academic year, EUCLID will be shut off on June 1, 2015.

As part of this upgrade, the core services team has been working hard to incorporate users’ favorite Euclid features into discoverE. These include virtual browse, sorting by date-oldest or newest, separate rare book records, newly acquired, and the full bibliographic view. Many of these updates are designed to replicate and improve on features you may have used in EUCLID. (Check out our blogs on recent upgrades here, here , here, and here.) We have also been working to improve the quality of discoverE results, and user feedback has shown the results to be better, though be aware the order of results does sometimes vary from that in EUCLID.

Are you having trouble finding something in DiscoverE that you could previously find in EUCLID? Ask a Librarian to see if there is search functionality in DiscoverE that will meet your need; if not the Core Services team is continuing to accept and roll out enhancement requests.