Do You Pokémon Go? Goizueta Business Library is a PokéStop!

We just learned that Goizueta pokestopBusiness Library is one of nearly 200 PokéStops in the metro Atlanta area for the popular app game Pokémon Go! Released earlier this month by Niantic, Pokémon Go is a free location-based augmented reality game in which users search use their mobile device to track and catch animated characters from the popular Pokémon franchise. The game’s record breaking popularity has garnered a lot of praise not only encouraging people to get outside and explore, but also because it represents the future of human-computer interaction. On the other hand, some critics raise concerns about the physical and cyber safety of users. As with all new technology, we’ll have to wait and see how it shakes out. In the meantime, looks like Goizueta Business Library will be seeing a nice uptick in visitors!