Overdrive app sunsetting, use Libby for business ebooks and audiobooks

If you’re a fan of OverDrive’s business ebooks and audiobooks, be sure that you have downloaded their new and improved app, Libby, to keep reading and listening.

The OverDrive app will sunset in April 2023.  If you’re still using it, check out these FAQ’s about switching to the Libby app from Overdrive.  You may also watch this video about switching to Libby:

Once you’ve downloaded Libby, you can add Emory University’s Overdrive collection of books. This includes over 700 business titles such as Nudge, Negotiation Genius, Generations at Work, Purpose and Profit, and Bankruption.

libby app screenshot
        libby app digital shelf screenshot

The Libby app will let you check out books, place holds, and keep track of your bookmarks across multiple devices.  It’s also easy to change the font size, and pick your background lighting – light, dark, or sepia.  Traveling or trying to save data? You can  also download ebooks and audiobooks for offline access.

For audio books, you can increase the playback speed up to 3x, and you also may set a sleep timer – choose from the end of the chapter, or 5, 10, 30 minutes or more.

Questions? Ask a Librarian.

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