Another Successful Atlanta Science Festival!


Four hundred and eleven Petri dishes, lots of lab volunteers, hundreds of community members and one new lab camera. The Gerardo lab successfully participated in the Atlanta Science Festival Expo 2016, culturing microbes with over 400 people as part of the MYcrobes project. We will take photos of the growing microbes over the next week and post them to the MYcrobes website. Watch them grow!

we love science but we love other things too

by Nicole Gerardo

This week, we did not have the traditional lab meeting. Rather than discussing a paper or critiquing a practice talk, we instead each talked about or demonstrated something that we enjoyed doing outside of the lab. These included singing, going to the movies, photography, baking, knitting and reading. Oh, and taking care of two pet rats. Some are talents. Some are escapes. Some are both. What is clear is that I am fortunate to be surrounded by interesting, engaged people.

Evolution 2014

evo_2014_logoBy Nicole Gerardo

Nelle, Erica, Tarik and Greg and I recently attended the Society for the Study of Evolution conference in Raleigh, North Carolina. Nelle gave a great talk on the how host plants and symbionts impact development of Megacopta cribraria. This was based on the last chapter of her Ph.D. dissertation, which she successfully defended hours before leaving for Raleigh! Congratulations, Dr. Couret!

Tarik and Greg presented a poster on their research on squash bug symbionts.