Where can you get advice about a concern without revealing it to a program/mentor/colleague? Sometimes you may have a challenging dilemma: “should I report what just happened and to whom? Or am I making a scene over nothing?” Talk to our Ombudsperson! Except for situations that may cause harm to you or others your issue is confidential and not reported to anyone.

What is an Ombudsperson? An Ombudsperson is an individual to whom students may speak regarding a problem, conflict or concern. The office is neutral and independent of the administration. It provides a private sounding board and source of assistance to help students find the right resources, and figure out next steps in addressing an academic or nonacademic concern.  

Where can you find the Ombudsperson? At Emory, call 404-727-0280 to request a meeting. You may also email a request to dona [dot] yarbrough [at] emory [dot] edu

Transferable Skills

When considering career possibilities, it is important to consider your skill set. What skills are you gaining from the Ph.D. process? These are known as transferrable skills.

The University of Michigan provides a nice list of transferable skills generally honed during the process of working towards a Ph.D.

A post on transferrable skills from biology graduate school can also be found in the blog post The Beauty of Transferable Skills: How Grad School Prepares You for Careers Off the Beaten Path