Welcome to the Hickman Lab!

Genome plasticity serves to generate genetic variation within a population of cells and provides the underpinnings for natural selection to facilitate adaption. We investigate the genome dynamics of the yeast Candida albicans, a commensal that primarily resides in human gastrointestinal tracts, yet causes superficial infection in healthy individuals and serious infection in immunocompromised individuals and can rapidly acquire resistance to antifungal drugs. We are interested in characterizing the host and environmental drivers as well as the cellular mechanisms resulting in genomic alterations ultimately leading to fungal pathogen virulence and adaption. The Hickman lab employs traditional genetics, experimental evolution, along with molecular and cellular biology approaches to analyze microbial populations under a variety of environmental and host conditions.

Department of Biology | Emory University | Atlanta, GA | (404) 727-6552 | mhickm3 [at] emory [dot] edu

Summer 2020 


  • We wish our fearless research technicians, Courtney and Judy, the best of luck as they leave the lab to begin medical school. We will miss you dearly, but excited to hear about your future successes!




Spring 2020 





Fall 2019


  • Meleah was awarded an NSF CAREER award! With this award, we will continue to study how ploidy transitions facilitate rapid adaptation to antifungal drugs and virulence evolution, and develop a science writing class for undergraduates.




Spring 2019