Skiing in Dubai? It’s Possible: From 2005 to The Present

This podcast focuses on Ski Dubai, an 22,500 square meter indoor ski complex in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Started as a dream to increase tourism in this city in the desert, Ski Dubai has since exceeded expectations and has earned a revenue of 17 million dollars in the past year. It was built as an extension of the famous Mall of the Emirates and its temperature is kept between 28 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit in order for visitors to ski all year long. This podcast will answer if and to what extent Ski Dubai increased the amount of tourism in Dubai. A short history of the ski complex, an overview of its layout, its sustainability, and reviews from people who have skied there will be provided as well to understand its appeal to international tourists. There will also be a special interview with an American guest who has skied there and who regularly skis at Aspen Resort in Colorado. The purpose of this interview will be to compare Ski Dubai to a top-notch ski resort in the United States, and whether Ski Dubai is really as marvelous and worth a visit as advertised.

Ski Dubai
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Special thanks to Dr. Judith Miller for the idea

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