Secondary Source for the Wizard of Oz

The source I found is called Wizard of Oz: Bringing Drama to Virtual Reality. I found it using the JSTOR website. The terms I searched were Wizard of Oz AND Director. I chose this source because it talks about the technology behind the making of the Wizard of Oz. It sheds light on the engineering behind making the world of the Wizard of Oz and the effects it has on the audience. The virtual world moves the audience in a way that makes them want to go on the journey with Dorothy and experience the good as well as the bad that she endures during this adventure. This changes my original approach to my research question because it talks about the engineers as opposed to the director. Instead of only talking about the intentions of the director, I can also include how creating this virtual reality disrupts hoax tropes to influence the audience.


Peterson, Ivars. “Wizard of Oz”. Science News 142.25/26 (1992): 440–441. Web…

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  1. Lindsey Grubbs says:

    This looks like an interesting source, A.J.–but you’ll want to be careful with it. Past the first paragraph, it looks like this is actually an article about development for a virtual reality technology that they call “Oz” in 1992–not about the film The Wizard of Oz. So, it won’t tell you anything about the movie, though it may provide some interesting context for something like a conclusion, since it shows people still use the name of the movie to tap into questions about “reality.”

    Your citation looks pretty good, except the title punctuation has to go inside quotation marks, and you have three periods on the end instead of one.

  2. Hayden Christensen says:

    Bakka Yaro

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