GenPets Podcast

GenPetsLearn a lot about the new GenPets that will populate all homes.

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15 Responses to GenPets Podcast

  1. Kristin Newman says:

    The sound effects and interview with the doctor make it seem like a real talkshow, which is quite entertaining!

  2. Maya Danielle Bornstein says:

    Nice sound effects! I like the protests and interview sounds especially!

  3. Lauri Anne Schleicher says:

    The intro music was almost sort of hypnotizing, but a nice choice to get listeners excited. Also, by discussing the controversy of the “GenPets”, it seemed more realistic because many new products, especially those genetically engineered, would have some people protesting against their creation.

  4. Kyra Watson says:

    I liked how in the interview, the guy described all of the different kinds of pets you could have, and that they were organized by color.

  5. Selina Liu says:

    The protest sound effect worked well with your podcast because it made me believe that people were actually against GenPets. I also liked how the podcast is relaxed and casual.

  6. A.J. Jackson-Sherrod says:

    I like how you transitioned the music and included crowd noises in the background. It made it seem like you were really in a studio talking about Gen Pets.

  7. Emma Schwartz says:

    The music in the beginning was really catchy. Also i liked how you had people in the background protesting

  8. Kristi Kwok says:

    The background noise in the middle of the interview that included the crinkling of a package and noises from the pet made it really realistic and believable.

  9. Yemaj Sheik says:

    The music and sound effects you used in this was really creative and interesting. If I could do my podcast again I would try to incorporate sound effects like you did, it made your podcast more genuine and accurate.

  10. Liliana Zha says:

    I liked how you created a brand and included music from a “band.” The protest sound effects were very realistic, and I liked how you included an interview from the scientist to create credibility.

  11. Jack says:

    The heart monitor was really cool but maybe too creepy for me with those shrieking sounds.

  12. Courts says:

    I loved how there were people protesting in the background, I feel that this made it really realistic, especially since the voices were drowned out more than the commentator.

  13. Rachel Marie Slaugenhaupt says:

    Your sound effects were very helpful in allowing the listener to become engaged as if it were an actual podcast. The package opening in the middle was very realistic and the little chirping noises afterwards, coming from the supposed genpet, made it seem as though there was something actually going on in the studio!

  14. Lvery says:

    septetmber 29

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