Assignment 2: Hoax Podcast

Assignment 2: Hoax Podcast

Link to word document here: podcast assignment.


Mary_Todd_Lincoln_with_Abraham_Lincolns copySo far this semester, we’ve processed material about hoaxes in many genres—we’ve read stories and articles, seen pictures, listened to radio broadcasts, and watched television shows and films. We’ve considered how people attempt to establish authority and believability in each of these media. For your second assignment, you will demonstrate your ability to adapt to the needs of a new genre by producing a short podcast discussing a hoax. So, you will need to take full advantage of the podcast form—not just read an essay aloud.

You have the option to either create a 3-5 minute podcast on your own, or work with one partner to create a 7-10 minute podcast. You can choose any hoax you’d like (or even make up one of your own if you’re feeling creative), blending information and entertainment by utilizing the types of strategies we will have heard while listening to podcasts for class—for example, a hook to draw in listeners, background information to set the scene, interviews with eye witnesses or experts, clips of “found footage” (that you are welcome, and encouraged, to fabricate), music and/or sound effects (Creative Commons licensed!), and some sort of claim about the bigger picture significance of your topic. You may take any approach to this podcast: it can be an earnest news report, a comedic analysis of the hoax, a meditative or lyrical reflection, or something else entirely. We will have a guest speaker on 10/1 who will give you technical guidance on how to produce a podcast, and we will figure out a “casting” process for those of you who need to recruit another voice.

In addition to your podcast, you must submit a 1-page, single-spaced reflection that tells me 1) how you achieved your “vision” for the podcast, 2) what you think was most successful, 3) what you found most challenging, 4) how you made the most of the podcast form, 5) how you met learning objectives 1 & 2 (from the syllabus) and 6) what you would do differently if you were to rework your podcast. If you worked with a partner, include an extra paragraph in which you explain your contribution to the project. Also include links to any sources you’ve used with a brief description.

This project is worth 15% of your final grade: 75% of that will come from the podcast and 25% from the reflection. If you have a partner, you will share the podcast grade unless it is clear that one person did the majority of the work. You will have your own grade for your reflections.

An “A” project will be engaging from beginning to end, drawing in the listener, and leaving them wanting more. It will take full advantage of the podcast format, incorporating sounds, music, multiple voices, or other techniques. It will be clear that serious thought went in to creating a personalized, unified “brand.” It will include at least one interview, and will make other rhetorical appeals to engage the listener. It will be planned and scripted, but sound conversational. It will be tightly composed, without extraneous dialogue or sounds. The accompanying reflection will be detailed, thoughtful, complete, and grammatically correct. The podcast is posted to the course website with an engaging title and the reflection is emailed to me.

Date Due Assignment Step
9/29 Blog post due. Propose a topic. (See daily schedule for details.)
10/1 Blog post due. Articulate your audience. (See daily schedule for details.)
10/6 Script due. Include not just what will be said, but where you want music, sound effects, etc.
10/17 Final podcast due w/ reflection. Upload the podcast to the course site and email me the reflection.