Wrapping Up Our Blog and Rapping Up Candler

At Emory, it seems like most students are on the typical pre-business or pre-med routes, limiting their appreciation of other esteemed graduate schools. (If you would like to learn more about the Goizueta Business School experience, please check out our previous blog post). When we signed up for our final post, we chose Candler simply because it was the last remaining graduate school yet to be covered. However, upon further research, we realized that this often overlooked school is actually a notable institution of its kind.

Candler is a rather small school that goes unnoticed alongside the Psychology and Chemistry buildings. Though it does not look like much from the outside, Candler is actually a place full of history, resources, and opportunities.

To our surprise, Candler was Emory’s first graduate school program. Its esteemed alumni include James Armstrong, America’s youngest Methodist bishop, and Martin Luther King Junior’s daughter, Bernice King, who received her ministry from Candler. Reading this alone made us rethink our initial assumptions of the school. Our appreciation continued to grow as we learned of Candler’s impressive progressiveness. In 1935, Emory’s School of Theology expanded its admits to include non-Methodist students, and in 1997, Emory opened its chapels to same-sex commitment ceremonies. Intrigued, we continued to delve into how Candler provides for its students today.  

Candler grants its students an exceptional education. It is not uncommon for its inspiring classes and award-winning teachers to receive standing ovations from engaged students. Furthermore, because of its home at Emory, Candler students have the freedom to explore other departments, even majoring in Bioethics, Business, Development Practice, Law, Public Health, Social Work, along with theology. With easy access to Pitts Library, home of over 620,000 volumes and approachable librarians, students can conveniently obtain support in their studies. Clearly, Candler accommodates for its students’ love and passion for learning. This initiative pays off, with 70% of alumni serving as church pastors.

In addition to its academic resources, Candler provides outlets for students who want to engage in opportunities outside of the classroom. There are 15 official student organizations, including the Office of Student Programming, a team of united staff and students who plan Candler events. Additionally, all members of the Candler community are welcome to services, held weekly at the Cannon Chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is more than an educational community, it is a spiritual one.

Despite our initial lack of knowledge about Candler, over the course of our research and firsthand exploration, we quickly learned that the school is one to be reckoned with. To bring this deserving energy to Candler, we decided to rap up our blog posts in the only way we deemed appropriate – to parody your favorite song and mine, “In My White Tee” by Dem Franchize Boyz. Prepare yourselves.


I go to Emory, here at Theology

Trying to earn one of the 16 degrees

Pray with community, home of Pitts Library

A seven to one student to faculty  

First grad school at Emory, OG in Tennessee

Moved to ATL ‘cause Cola Company

Now OG’s named Vandy, but Candler sticks with me

In ‘35, non-Methodists included in theology

[Verse 1]

Step on the scene opportunities are obscene

Student programming ‘bout to convene

We all have integrity, we all work

Amount of diversity is berserk

ATL is right by me, no place I’d rather be

Special interest programs – there is one for you and me

Scholarships lower the fee, 88% near free

Rhyming is so hard, hope we are staying on the key

Cannon Chapel nearby hosts events so lively

I go here for Mass and worship so mightily

Jan Love is queen bee, she’s Dean with high authority

Baptist, Episcopal, Methodist choice of study

Take any class at the university  

To apply you need transcript but no GRE

Academic ability, textual literacy

Required for admission at Candler Theology


I go to Emory, here at Theology

Trying to earn one of the 16 degrees

Pray with community, home of Pitts Library

A seven to one student to faculty

[Verse 2]

Well I hit class on a learning spree, fifty-two to teach me

Esteemed professors ‘cause they shine so brightly

Classroom learning, critical reflection, hands-on ministry

The most influential religious leader in the country  

James Armstrong went to Candler, now acclaimed critically

MLK’s daughter also in student body

Offers many programs for international study

Class so good, don’t be absentee

Not uncommon to get standing O’s – they’re a hit

Unlike Sandro’s mad fits

Everyone at Candler, ‘cause they simply love it

Has some grad school festivities

Thanksgiving dinner and awesome end of year party

Candler chronicle highlights this glee

Candler prepares real people like you and me

To make a real difference, you see

In the real world, motto of theology


We go to Emory, here at Theology

Trying to earn one of the 16 degrees

Pray with community, home of Pitts Library

A seven to one student to faculty


In our white tees, we out!

“Emory University | Atlanta, GA.” Candler School of Theology, 3 Nov. 2017, candler.emory.edu/index.html.

Dem Franchize Boyz. In My White Tee, 2003.

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