Guest Speaker in JPN401: Sushi Chef

In JPN401, the students learned how food can be transformed and adapted in foreign countries.  They looked into cup-noodle, which is eaten all over the world, hamburger fast food in Japan, and sushi, which is loved around the world more and more these days.

As a conclusion to these lessons, a sushi chef from Nakato restaurant, Mr. Tetsuji Nishihara, visited our class and shared his experiences! The talk was full of surprises. He talked about how long it took for him to even touch sushi rice after he started work at a Japanese restaurant, the difficulty he had working at the restaurant in the U.S., what fish is more tasty to eat here than in Japan, his secret to have people more attracted to sushi, and more.



At the end of the class, the students shared their ideas for new sushi and received feedback from Mr. Nishihara.  You might be able to taste those new sushi at Nakato in the near future!!


Thank you Nishihara san to come to our class!