Guest Speaker in JPN401: Sushi Chef

In JPN401, the students learned how food can be transformed and adapted in foreign countries.  They looked into cup-noodle, which is eaten all over the world, hamburger fast food in Japan, and sushi, which is loved around the world more and more these days.

As a conclusion to these lessons, a sushi chef from Nakato restaurant, Mr. Tetsuji Nishihara, visited our class and shared his experiences! The talk was full of surprises. He talked about how long it took for him to even touch sushi rice after he started work at a Japanese restaurant, the difficulty he had working at the restaurant in the U.S., what fish is more tasty to eat here than in Japan, his secret to have people more attracted to sushi, and more.



At the end of the class, the students shared their ideas for new sushi and received feedback from Mr. Nishihara.  You might be able to taste those new sushi at Nakato in the near future!!


Thank you Nishihara san to come to our class!


Haiku Workshop

Students in JPN401 organized a haiku workshop for the students in JPN201 and JPN301!

In JPN401, they learned about Haiku in the textbook and also from Dr. Crowley. They also created their own haiku and shared their work in class.

Here is one haiku created by Jun Son from JPN401.






The spring wind
Blowing away the worries
Pristine state of mind


The spring wind entails the coming of a new season. When embracing the wind, one feels as if it carries away any fear or trepidation, ultimately revitalizing your mental state. The metaphorical comparison between the wind’s blow and one’s worries blown away, and between the new state of mind and the arrival of the new season, is highlighted in this haiku.



At the workshop, they demonstrate their knowledge including the history of haiku, famous poet and rules of creating Haiku. And the participants created their own haiku with the assistance of the students from JPN401. Even though they were given such a short time, all participants were able to create their first haiku or senryu with the great assistance of advanced students.


Here is one haiku which a participant, Jinhee Park from JPN201 created.


She explains about her Haiku, “I tried to express my feeling about the guy that I loved. I used the  seasonal world 秋(Aki, autumn)   and 月見 (Tsukimi, moon viewing) to represent loneliness in autumn.
Whenever I see the moon, I believe he also sees the same moon somewhere in the world.”



In the end of the workshop, each group chose the best haiku which the participants made and finally Pudi Wang’s Senryu which made everyone laugh was chosen to be the best work of the day. His Senryu was “花粉症 風が吹いたら 泣きたいよ”, which means Seasonal Allergy, when the wind Blows, I want to cry.”

Congratulation Pudi! And Congratulation students in JPN401 for such a success!!


Here is a Kansoobun, feedback report by the MC of the day, Yong Jun Kim. (It’s in Japanese.)


Extravaganza-Digital Story Screening Event for JPN202 and JPN302


Extravaganza, digital story screening event for JPN202 and JPN302 were held on April 29th, the last day of Spring semester 2013.

In JPN202, students made digital story movies to introduce their favorite sights or the cultural differences between Japan and their cultures.  Two movies each were chosen from three sections of JPN202. The following are the six finalists. We enjoyed viewing all of the movies!!

  1. Cheng Yue 清水寺(きよみずでら)
  2. Jiang Xinyi ウィリスタワー
  3. Nie Jiayi 張家界(ちょうかかい)
  4. Sun Shine 東京大神宮(とうきょうだいじんぐう)
  5. Wang Sijia お笑い(おわらい)
  6. Williams Denton ルーブル美術館(びじゅつかん)
The winners are:
1st Wang Sijia
2nd Nie Jiayi
3rd Sun Shine

Students in JPN302 made “my story” as their digital story assignment. Three movies were chosen from each section. The following are the finalists we viewed at the event. Some of them were heartwarming and some of them were energetic.  We enjoyed learning about each of you!!
Great job everyone!!