Leather Tablet Case

The basics: I wanted to try my hand at some leather-craft. I needed a way to carry an iPad and Apple Pencil. I think this just made sense as an opportunity to try something new. I reckon that there are some uses for leather over fabrics or similar textiles that would be beneficial to a […]

Workshop Debrief: Raspberry Pi for Educators

Details Name of the workshop: Teacher Pi Workshop It was held on: 2018-04-19 We had: 7 people attend. It was given a rating of: 4 This is what was supposed to happen: Teach teachers about Raspberry Pi usage. (Editor’s Note: We had a group of K-12 instructors ask us about demonstrating some ways to leverage […]

Basic guest tracker

The basics: If you work for a university library system, chances are you know about assessment groups and data collection. We send some our space usage data to the folks that like that kind of thing. Number of 3D prints, number of workshops we hold, and a few other things. One of those things we […]


The basics: We needed a way to automate our archive of finished 3D prints. This project uses a raspberry pi, pi camera, 3D printed enclosure, some python code, and some other framing parts. When assembled, the system allows us to automate the archiving of a physical project. We considered Instagram due to previous experience, but […]

Door Alert

The basics: The goal of this project was to create a system which would alert Tech Lab staff in the space whenever a visitor entered the area. The system would have two main components to alert us: a visual one around the space, and an audiovisual one coming from the computers. I separated the project […]