Our Spring 2020 Symposium With Dr. Danielle Dick: Rethinking The Way We Do Research

“Spit for Science” examines genetic and environmental influences on substance use and emotional wellness in young adults. Dr. Dick shared her experiences leading a large community–based study, Her work helps to broaden the way we think about participant engagement from a scientific perspective.

ASHG 2020 Virtual Meeting

MAPme was represented at the ASHG 2020 Virtual meeting by our Postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Whitney Barfield. You can follow her presentation here.

The presentation by Dr. Barfield is on work describing the design and implementation of the MAPme Project — a multisite study of substance use disorders and health and cognitive behaviors/traits. Dr. Barfield was a postdoctoral fellow in the Behavioral Genetics of Addiction Laboratory at Emory University. Supported by NIDA grant R01DA042742 [awarded to PI Rohan Palmer].