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Brown AL, España RA, Benca-Bachman CE, Welsh JW, Palmer RH. Adolescent Behavioral Characteristics Mediate Familial Effects on Alcohol Use and Problems in College-Bound Students. Subst Abuse. 2020 Nov 5;14:1178221820970925. doi: 10.1177/1178221820970925. PMID: 33223834; PMCID: PMC7656872.

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Martin K, Benca-Bachman C, Palmer RH. Risk for Alcohol Use Among Entering College Students: The Role of Personality and Stress. In press Addictive Behaviors Reports December 2020 

Catherman C, Cassidy S, Benca-Bachman CE, Barber J, Palmer RH. Associations between Neuroticism, Subject Sleep Quality, and Depressive Symptoms across the First Year of College. Accepted for Publication in  Journal of American College Health

Papers in Progress

Najera D, Benca-Bachman C, McGeary JE, Jaume N, Palmer RH. Behavioral Correlates of Alcohol and Marijuana Use and Problems during the first-year of College. 


Barfield W*, Benca-Bachman C*, Najera D, Xiang Y, Palmer RH. MAPme: Implementing a Participant-Centered, Multi-Site, Longitudinal Study on Substance use Disorders and Mental Well-Being in College-Age Young Adults. 


Jaume N*, Agrawal A*, Benca-Bachman CE, Palmer RH. Prevalence, Incidence, and Behavioral Correlates of Polysubstance Use Before and During the First-year of College. 


Jaume N*, Hurston J*, Benca-Bachman CE, Palmer RH. Associations between Early life Trauma, Stress Coping, and Polysubstance Use During College.