Miniature Artist’s Book: New Orleans Lexicon by Jill Timm

New Orleans Lexicon, Jill Timm

New Orleans Lexicon, Jill Timm

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To commemorate Fat Tuesday, I want to highlight an artist’s book in MARBL, Jill Timm’s New Orleans Lexicon. Timm, who got her start making miniature books, created New Orleans Lexicon after visiting the city to attend a Conclave of the Miniature Book Society. The book is 2.25 inches tall and about 3 inches wide. It does not resemble a book so much as a case with twelve folders in the Mardi Gras colors. Ten of these folders contain cards with definitions of words and phrases commonly used in the Crescent City. Each card also has a photograph or illustration made from plastic, cutouts, feathers, and beads. MARBL has one of only 25 copies of this book. New Orleans Lexicon was published under Mystical Places Press, which Timm established in 1998. MARBL possesses over thirty of Timm’s books, many of them exquisite and beautiful miniatures.

New Orleans Lexicon will be a part of The Artists’ Books Showcase, a digital exhibition highlighting pieces in MARBL’s vast collection of artists’ books. The exhibition is expected to go live in the spring of 2013.

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