I got Rhythm Contrafacts: Syntax by JJ Johnson


I just love how JJ takes his ideas, connects them and develops them. I like how he uses runs functionally to move and develop ideas rather than just impress people by doing a lot of runs which I don’t like as much.

Here’s the list of 20 other contrafacts and my sources.

1) wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_jazz_contrafacts ,
2) http://blindman.fr.yuku.com/topic/19791#.VQcRKGRR45g​,
3) https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090322201138AA3FOqH
4) http://www.jazztrumpet.com/lessons/contrafacts.html​

1 ​An Oscar for Treadwell
​charlie parker
2 ​Anthropology
​charlie parker
​3 Apple Jump​
​dexter gordon
4 Dig
​Miles Davis
5 ​Salt Peanuts
​Charlie Parker – Dizzy Gillespie
​6 Syntax
JJ Johnson ​
7 ​Tiptoe
​JJ Johnson
​8 Turnpike
​JJ Johnson
​Stay On It​
​Dizzy Gillespie
​Duke Ellington
​Moose The Mooche
​Jumpin at the Woodside
​Count Basie
​Hoe Down
​Oliver Nelson
​Room 608
​Horace Silver
​O Go Mo
​Kai Winding​
​Chant of the Groove
​Fats Waller​
​Earl Hines​
​Something In B Flat
​Benny Golson​
​Theme of No Repeat
​Tadd Dameron​

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