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I got Rhythm Contrafacts: Syntax by JJ Johnson I just love how JJ takes his ideas, connects them and develops them. I like how he uses runs functionally to move and develop ideas rather than just impress people by doing a lot of runs which I don’t like as much. Here’s the list of 20 other contrafacts and my sources. Sources: 1) […]

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Bebop: An Acquired Taste

I’m still developing my taste for bebop, initially I found it so fast that I just felt that there wasn’t much melody and the speed was just compensating for that. Speed for speed’s sake doesn’t really impress me. In my musical brain class, we talked about the limit of our processing ability, when someone does […]

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JJ Johnson: Autumn Leaves

Some things worthy of mentioning that are great here is the sparsity near the beginning (45). Knowing the autumn leaves melody makes this much more enjoyable, because you already have the expectation of what it will sound like, and then we he rests for most of it, it is pleasantly surprising. I kinda hear a […]

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“Wave”; Fast and Slow: connecting ideas

Featured here are both solo trombonists (the masterful Frank Rosolino and Carl Fontana), bass and piano (I thought that was nice for our class. This is a bossa nova in the key of D, and I just love the melody. The countermelody in the second trombone is great it it’s own right too. I love […]

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