F 02/25: Decolonizing Global Health Series: Ensuring Equitable Partnerships

The Emory Global Health Institute presents the Decolonizing Global Health Series of 2022. The second installment of this series will be a panel discussion about Emory University’s global health partnerships with indigenous people – and the ways in which we can decolonize, reconstruct, and ensure equity in these relationships.

Join the event from 12:00-1:00PM EST on Feb. 25, 2022, for the second installment of “Ensuring Equitable Partnerships with Indigenous Peoples in the U.S.” You can register here.

Speakers include: Beth Michel MPH (Associate Dean of Admissions and Lead for Native American Affairs, Emory), Seh Welch PhD (President, AI/AN/NH coalition, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and Lorrie King MPH (Instructor, MDP, Emory; Special Projects Director, Romero Institute’s Lakota People’s Law Proect)

To watch the recording of the first installment of this series, click here.


  • Increase awareness of the role of colonization on academic global health partnerships in the U.S. and in low-and-middle income countries
  • Create a platform for partners to share challenges, lessons learned, and recommendations for more equitable engagement in global health
  • Compile best practices for global health partnerships at Emory University