Photo Essay Celebrating Second Annual Muscogee Teach-In 2023

On October 27, NAISI and delegates from the Mvskoke Etvlwv celebrated the Second Annual Muscogee Teach-In.

The Muscogee Teach-in opens with welcomes from Rev. Chebon Kernell, Tre’ Harp 25’C, Associate Dean Beth Michel, Mvhayv Eli Rowland, and Second Chief of the Muscogee Nation and his wife Del and Rhonda Beaver.

Mvhayv Jordan Squire and Carolyn McNac narratate Mvskoke stories while Mvhayv Eli Rowland acted them out. Audiences listened to these tales in Mvskoke joined to recite vocabulary and grammar like TOTKV (fire).

Emory students, staff, faculties, delegates of the Muscogee Nation, and guest sharing meals spanning multiple food customs for a shared plate.

Rev. Kernell and Mvhayv Eli Rowland led in contemporary and traditional Mvskoke hymns. The audience followed along in their brochures.

Artist Johnnie Diacon shares his childhood, what is meant for him to become an artist, his challenges and struggles of life, and how he was able to infuse those stories into his art.

Nikki Diacon selling her husband’s art after his interview. She informs buyers the stories and process of each work, sharing their greater meanings to Emory art lovers.

Everyone gathered at McDonough Field to learn the sacred roots and traditions surrounding Mvskoke stomp dance. Rev. Chebon Kernell led the song while representatives from the Muscogee Nation participated in the dance.

Rev. Chebon Kernell welcomed Emory community  in the Stomp Dance.