The Timeless Treasures of Literature (Bungaku Bandai no Takara), painted by Issunshi Hanasato, from Tokyo Metropolitan Library. Public domain.

Fall 2021

EAS 450 Return to the Orchid Pavilion? The Scholar in Premodern East Asia
Working on the syllabus. In the meantime, here is a nice essay about the Orchid Pavilion. It’s from China Heritage Quarterly, in which which I have lately become interested. The journal, and its successor, China Heritage, seems to have a certain point of view on things. I proceed with caution.

JPN 363 Literary and Visual Culture in Japan
We examine the ways in which literature and the visual arts have interacted in Japan from classical times to the modern period. Our texts are examples of poetry, fiction, picture scrolls, paintings, calligraphy, woodblock prints, drama, and films. We will observe how images and ways of seeing and reading them resonate with, recur, and are transformed by the historical moment in which they appear.