About The Lab

The Neural Plasticity Research Lab (NPRL) is a highly interdisciplinary and collaborative lab at Emory University. The mission of the NPRL is to improve our understanding of the adaptive capacity of the human brain in an effort to design novel rehabilitation strategies to mitigate the impact of neurologic injury and disease.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in the NPRL

The NPRL strives to actively promote, embrace, and support the unique experiences, backgrounds, perspectives, identities, and abilities of all lab members, as well as research collaborators and affiliated scientific communities. The lab collectively prioritizes the curation of an inclusive, open, collaborative, and welcoming environment, while simultaneously providing individualized and mentored opportunities for all members of the lab to thrive, taking into account each person’s unique background, skill sets, and future goals. The NPRL not only aims to continuously create trusting spaces that are inclusive to the community members that volunteer to participate in our research studies, but also to the researchers that the lab seeks to recruit and retain. Furthermore, the NPRL uses a person-centered mentoring approach that prioritizes trusting relationships and values individual differences to reach shared and distinct goals.

Read more about the NPRL’s central values and philosophies on our DEI & Mentoring page.

Neural Plasticity Research Laboratory
Emory Rehabilitation Hospital
1441 Clifton Road NE, Atlanta, GA, 30332