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The mission of the Neural Plasticity Research Laboratory (NPRL) is improve our understanding of the adaptive capacity of the human nervous system in an effort to design novel rehabilitation strategies to mitigate the impact of neurologic injury and disease. The lab utilizes cutting-edge neuroimaging and neurostimulation techniques to study the structure and function of the nervous system in healthy individuals and people with conditions affecting the nervous system. The environment of the NPRL is highly collaborative which offers unique opportunities to study and understand the nervous system across multiple disciplines. We are constantly looking for new research volunteers, trainees and collaborators. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our work.  


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Neural Plasticity Research Laboratory (NPRL)

Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael R. Borich, DPT, PhD

1441 Clifton Road NE. RG20A RG36A

Atlanta, GA, 30322

404.712.4000 or 404.712.2140

nprl [dot] emory [at] gmail [dot] com