Another Thought on Engagement

Reading everyone’s posts sparked a question, that I would be really interested to hear other’s thoughts about.

For many of us, there was a teacher or two who impacted us in a profound way. This is that class and teacher we remember our whole lives and may be what drove us to become lifelong learners. Do you think such a situation will happen in an online environment? Do you think that level of bonding can occur between student and teacher?

Joseph Drasin

24 thoughts on “Another Thought on Engagement

  1. Most excellent question, Joseph. I’ve had it happen throughout both my grad certificate and masters program. Interestingly, some of those connections came through the types of assignments that were created…and, through communications. I look forward to hearing what others may think.


    1. I’ve actually wondered the same thing. The unique thing about F2F interactions and classrooms is that so much can get done in a short amount of time. 50 min of F2F classroom time holds so much interaction–but I feel like it takes at least double that amount of time online. For instance, I’ve had students who were behind in their work or assignments, but who were still able to make to class, so we were all able to build that classroom interaction. But online, if you get behind on the assignments/work, you’re sort of MIA. There’s no equivalent space for synchronous classroom time–which is also one of the best features of online courses (doing it on your own schedule).

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  2. Joe, it is my personal opinion that this type of relationship would not develop online. Rather, it is my opinion that this is possible only with personal interaction through calls or better yet, through residences and physical interaction. so, it is possible with hybrid courses. Perhaps this is my opinion because online learning is (relatively) in its infancy and not yet the overall dominant teaching method: meaning, perhaps for future generations who have a “different normal”, this will change.
    Best, Dan

  3. Great question, Joseph! I most definitely think this can happen in an online setting. I had this happen in my master’s program with an instructor that everyone feared. He had a reputation of being really tough on his students. For me, I enjoyed his teaching style. Though he was tough, his expectation caused me to produce better work with every assignment. He returned emails promptly, provided valued and to-the-point feedback, and offered Q & A sessions or phone calls when needed. I ended up taking three of his courses and he also provided me with a job reference when the time came.

    My opinion is yes, it is possible—but is it common, probably not.

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