Launch: Intarsia – Undergraduate Journal of Queer and Feminist Inquiry

Screenshot of the Intarsia Journal website

In Spring 2024, undergraduates in Emory College launched a new research journal Intarsia: Undergraduate Journal of Queer and Feminist Inquiry. This is a student-led, peer-reviewed, open-access, national journal established to promote critical engagement with queer and feminist theory at the undergraduate level. It has been published with the support of Emory’s Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Emory’s Center for Digital Scholarship, and a faculty and graduate student advisory board. The inaugural issue was led by Braden White (class of 2024) and Olivia Gilbert (class of 2026).

The inaugural issue includes articles by undergraduates from Bryn Mawr and Northwestern University on Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca, Jean Genet’s The Screens, and lesbian ghosts in a nineteenth-century short story and the TV show Black Mirror. A second issue of Intarsia will be published in 2024-2025 and submissions for that issue are open until October 1 2024. Undergraduates interested in joining the Intarsia team should reach out to a current member of the editorial board.

ECDS Digital Publication Specialist Dr. Bailey Betik led the design process and advised on editing workflows and project management processes.