Library How-To Workshops Prepare Students for Classwork

We are having several how-to workshops in the library! These are short 15-20 minute sessions that feature a resource for students. They will be on the following dates at 8pm in the library:

 Oct 6 – Creating a WordPress Blog

Whether you are using WordPress for class projects, or just want to find out more about creating your own blog, this session will cover both the basics of WordPress and the advanced tools available. Participants are encouraged to come with questions.

Oct 15 – Audacity – how to use it

Are you interested in podcasting or mixing audio tracks for class projects or personal enjoyment? If so, Audacity is a free and easy to use program allowing users to easily record and edit multiple audio tracks for export to the file type of your choice.

Oct 21 – How to use LexisNexis and other newspaper databases

Can’t use BuzzFeed News as a source for your papers!? Need to search the news around the world on a specific topic? Come learn how to use LexisNexis and the other newspaper sources available to you through the Oxford College Library.

Oct 29 – Tips and tricks for using JSTOR

JSTOR can help you find the information you need for your research papers and projects.  There are some tips and tricks to help you search the database with ease.

Nov 12 – How to Search in Google Scholar

Google can be used for a lot more than searching for leisure. This session will help you learn how to search in Google Scholar for articles and research.

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