Faculty Acquisitions for 2020

Pitts Theology Library is celebrating the careers of retiring Candler professors Steve Kraftchick and Karen Scheib with two new rare book acquisitions. For the past several years, Pitts has acquired rare books on the occasion of faculty retirements, books related to the careers and contributions of these incredible scholars. This year, both acquisitions fall within the Pitts incunable collection, a term used to describe books printed in Europe before the year 1501.To celebrate Steve Kraftchick, Pitts has acquired a 1496 printing of Raymond of Sabunde’s Theologia naturalis, which argues that the God’s revelation is manifest in nature as well as in the Bible.

To celebrate Karen Scheib, Pitts has acquired a 1500 printing of the Stella clericorum, a popular medieval handbook on pastoral care. Learn more about and see images of these important and beautiful works at http://pitts.emory.edu/retirements.

Congratulations, Professors Kraftchick and Scheib!

1496 printing of Raymond of Sabunde’s “Theologia naturalis”

1500 printing of the “Stella clericorum”