American Studies

  • AMST 190: Freshman Seminar
    • Course Description: Fall, spring. Variable topics related to the U.S. and the Americas that combine interdisciplinary perspectives and methods from the humanities and social sciences.
    • Topics Include: News Coverage of Ethnic Minorities
    • Frequently Taught By: Nathan McCall


  • AMST 285: Special Topics
    • Course Description: Seminars arranged around current issues and controversies in American culture. May be repeated as topic changes
    • Topics Include: Afrofuturism Survey, Colonial Contests: 1492-1830
    • Frequently Taught By: Dawn Peterson


  • AMST 489: Special Topics
    • Course Description: An advanced interdisciplinary treatment of American culture issues, historical events or eras, or literature. The ILA and AMST programs support interdisciplinary inquiry of the Americas across Emory College of Arts and Sciences; this course will be frequently cross-listed with other departments.
    • Topics Include: Roots of Empire in the U.S.; American Story, Cold Cases
    • Frequently Taught By: Dawn Peterson, Brett Gadsden, Henry Kilbanoff

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