Comparative Literature Undergrad Courses

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Comparative Literature

  • CPLT 110: Introduction to Literary Studies
    • Course Description: An introduction to literary studies, combined with an intensive writing approach. From the broad perspective of world literature, consideration of topics such as desire, language, and identity. Fulfills the first-year writing requirement.
    • Topics Include: Language and Caribbean Literature
    • Frequently Taught By: Graduate Students


  • CPLT 190: Freshman Seminar
    • Course Description: Topics Vary
    • Topics Include: Literature, Democracy and Dramatic Form
    • Frequently Taught By: Munia Bhaumik


  • CPLT 203: Literature Beyond the Canon
    • Course: Description: Texts of popular culture and literary works of ethnic minorities, non-Western writers, and women. Attention to the relationship of these writings to traditional literary forms and content. Fulfills the post-freshman writing requirement.
    • Topics Include: Defining Revolution, Coloniality and its Posts
    • Frequently Taught By: Munia Bhaumik, graduate students


  • CPLT 301: Literary Methods and Critical Theory
    • Course Description: An introduction to a specific method of literary criticism or theoretical approach as applied through close textual interpretations. Fulfills GER Advanced Seminar.
    • Topics Include: North and South
    • Frequently Taught By: Jose Quiroga


  • CPLT 389: Special Topics
    • Course Description: Lively topical or theoretical approaches to a given set of literary texts or problems. May be repeated for credit when subject varies. Fulfills the post-freshman writing requirement.
    • Topics Include: Literature, Race, Politics and Liberty; Forms of Justice: Global Modernity, Inequality; World Literature, Israeli-Palestinian Literature; Latin American Modernities; Literature of Disaster in the Americas; Hemispheric Conversations
    • Frequently Taught By: Munia Bhaumick, Tze Yin Teo, Deepika Bahri, Ofra Yeglin, Jose A Quiroga, Valerie Loichot, Stephanie Pridgeon

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