Economics Undergrad Courses

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  • ECON 231: Introduction to Global Trade and Finance
    • Course Description: An introduction to international trade, capital flows, and finance. Topics include the impact of public policy decisions concerning protectionism, balance of payments, and foreign exchange markets on economic activities.
    • Frequently Taught By: Edouard Wemy, Ruth Uwaifo


  • ECON 309: Contemporary Economic Issue
    • Course Description: Economic analysis and public policy. Discussion of selected issues such as the economics of discrimination, environment, medical care, cultural arts, education, and social responsibility of business.
    • Frequently Taught By: Kaushik Mukhopadhaya, Ruth Uwaifo


  • ECON 351: Topics
    • Course Description: Topics related to economic change outside the United States or in which the U.S. is only one area of comparison. Slave trade, global economies, economic thought, colonialism, or comparative economic systems.
    • Topics Include: Non-US Economic History, The Origins of Capitalism; Non-US Economic History, Consumer and Industrial Revolution
    • Frequently Taught By: Judith A Miller


  • ECON 366: Development Issues For Africa
    • Course Description: This course is designed to provide students the opportunity to explore issues in economic development viewed from the perspective of sub-Saharan Africa from the impact of slavery and colonialism to the modern era of globalization.
    • Frequently Taught By: Gordon Streeb


  • ECON 385: Special Topics
    • Course Description: Selected topics in Economics. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.
    • Topics Include: India Today: Pol/Econ/Innov/Sus, Economics and Ethics of Globalization
    • Frequently Taught By: Holli Semetko, Steven Pittz


  • ECON 390: Junior Seminar
    • Course Description: An in-depth examination of selected topics in economics. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.
    • Topics include: Pol. Economy of Middle East and North Africa
    • Frequently Taught By: Oussama Cherribi

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