Political Science

  • POL 190: Freshman Seminar
    • Course Description: For first-year students only. Entry-level seminar focusing on a specific topic. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.
    • Topics Include: India Challenges Opportunities
    • Frequently Taught By: Holli Semetko


  • POL 371: Guerilla Political Videography
    • Course Description: This is a practical hands-on course on how to express political ideas using the video medium. This course is appropriate for students with no prior experience in video production. This course also addresses the theory of political television advertising, political documentaries and commentaries.
    • Frequently Taught By: Courtney Brown


  • POL 385: Special Topics
    • Course Description: Selected topics and problems in political science. Content will vary in successive offerings of this course. May be repeated for credit when topic varies.
    • Topics include: India Today: Pol/Econ/Innov/Sus, Deep Democracy in Arab World, Politics-Recognition-Exclusion, South Asian Politics Since 1945, Economics and Ethics of Globalization, African Exceptionalism, United Nations & Human Rights, Latin American Politics
    • Frequently Taught By: Holli Semetko, Carrie Rosefsky Wickham, Falguni Sheth, Marion Creekmore Jr, Steven Pittz, Jana Bridwell, Baekkwan Park, Jeffrey Staton

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