• SOC 247: Race and Ethnic Relations
    • Course Description: Relations between and within groups, and conflict and cooperation in light of a number of models of social interaction. Application of principles to racial, religious, and ethnic minorities.
    • Frequently Taught By: Maria Martinez-Cola


  • SOC 266: Global Change
    • Course Description: Introduction to the study of globalization. Describes and explains development of the modern world system. Provides global perspectives on major institutions and conflicts.
    • Frequently Taught By: Natalie Delia Deckard


  • SOC 389: Special Topics
    • Course Description: A seminar or lecture series on topics of special sociological concern.
    • Topics Include: Media, Islam &Social Movements; Social Movements East & West, Islam in Europe
    • Frequently Taught By: Oussama Cherribi, Sun-Chul Kim

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