• SPAN 190: Freshman Seminar
    • Course Description: Freshmen only. In-depth treatment of a topic in language, literature, or culture of the Luso-Hispanic world through readings, frequent writing assignments, and class discussions.
    • Topics Include: Zombies in Havana! Tracing the Route of a Film Genre in the Global Americas
    • Frequently Taught By: Dierdre Reber


  • SPAN 318: Critical Writing, Hispanic Topics
    • Couse Description: This course combines advanced writing instruction with the study of diverse Hispanic cultural topics.
    • Topics Include: African Slavery, Freedom and its Archive in Spanish Americas
    • Frequently Taught By: Nicholas Jones


  • SPAN 385: Topics in Language and Culture
    • Course Description: Topics vary.
    • Topics Include: Contemporary Latin American and Caribbean Literature in English: Hemispheric Conversations
    • Frequently Taught By: Stephanie Pridgeon


  • SPAN 460: Special Topics
    • Course Description: Topics May Vary
    • Topics Include: Cuba: What Happens Now?, Drawing the Line: The Mexico-U.S. frontera and its Stories, Latin American Orientalism, Black Africans in the Hispanic Black Atlantic: Then and Now
    • Frequently Taught By: Ricardo Gutierrez Mouat, Jose Quiroga, Vialia Hartfield-Mendez, Nicholas Jones

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