• HIST 564: Africa & Era of Slave Trade
    • Course Description: This course focuses on the history of selected African societies from the sixteenth through the mid-nineteenth centuries. It will begin with an examination of the Atlantic slave trade and its impact on Africa and return intermittently to these subjects. The primary goal, however, is to study the political, economic, social, and cultural history of a number of peoples who participated in the Atlantic slave trade or were touched by it during the era of their involvement. The course is designed to serve both as a colloquium on the pre-colonial history of West and West-central Africa and as an introduction to the history and culture of African peoples who entered the diaspora during the era of the slave trade. Its audience is students interested in the history of Africa, the African diaspora, and the Atlantic world, as well as those who want to learn about the history of the slave trade. Case studies will include the Yoruba, Akan, and Fon, as well as Senegambian and West-central African peoples.
    • Frequently Taught By: Kristin Mann


  • Hist 566: African Historiography
    • Course Description: The primary goal of this seminar is to work towards a critical understanding of, and engagement with, how various publics have emerged around imagining the African past. We will explore the conceptual practices shaping historical production, the ways scholars have framed and reframed questions on and about the past. An important challenge will be to work towards envisioning unexpected questions, unanticipated histories. A secondary goal of the seminar is to prepare advanced students preparing for field exams and who anticipate researching and teaching about Africa. While focused especially on the past, the seminar is in essence interdisciplinary, though we will have occasion to consider what is meant, and what is left unsaid, by the word “discipline”.
    • Frequently Taught By: Clifton Crais


  • Hist 567: Research Methods in African History
    • Course Description: This course is designed to train students in research methods used in studying African history, society, and culture. It is intended to give students practical experience with challenges they will face designing and conducting effective research in Africa. In addition to reading books and articles that employ different methods, students will gain experience working with a range of sources: archival, oral, ethnographic, and photographic.
    • Frequently Taught By: Kristin Mann


  • HIST 585: Special Topics in History
    • Course Descriptions: Topics Vary
    • Topics Include: Heritage and Power, Subaltern Studies, Indigenous Peoples & Empires, Nations and Identies, Voicing the Voiceless, Ancient Slavery: Comparative, Global Health, Impossible Histories, Gender/Race/Imperialism: North America, Islamic Civilizations, Un-Archived Histories, European Borderlands, Global Migration/Local Diaspora, Law in Colonial Cultures
    • Frequently Taught By: Jenny Chio, Gyan Pandey, Yanna Yannakakis, Jeffery Lesser, Ana Teixiera Jonathan Prude, Judith Evans-Grubbs, Cynthia Patterson, Tonio Andrade, Dawn Peterson, Vincent Cornell, Matthew Payne, Astrid Eckhert

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