• PHIL 551: Cosmopolitamism
    • Course Description: This seminar studies the meaning, intellectual strengths and weaknesses, and practical viability of cosmopolitanism.  The course has a double focus:  the first is normative:  cosmopolitanism as an ethics and political philosophy; the second is ontological:  cosmopolitanism as a theory of human nature and a theory of nature and world.  In pursuit of this focus, the course will examine cosmopolitanism in three different time periods:  post-Aristotelian philosophy, especially stoicism; modern European philosophy, especially Kant; and 20th century and contemporary analyses of cosmopolitanism in an age of globalization.
    • Frequently Taught By: John Stuhr


  • PHIL 789: Special Topics
    • Course Description: Topics May Vary
    • Topics Include: Postcolonial Theory
    • Frequently Taught By: Sean Meighgoo

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