Hello Postcolonial Studies Scholars! I hope this message finds you well-rested and in good spirits!

My name is Michael Vaughn – I am a PhD candidate in the Sociology Department, and one of the organizers for Emory’s Critical Juncture conference, happening on campus April 5-6, 2019. Critical Juncture is an interdisciplinary, graduate student-run conference now in its sixth year at Emory. Each year, we convene a diverse collection of emerging scholars on our campus to discuss cross-cutting issues in literature, women’s studies, public health, physics and African American Studies. Critical Juncture centers the experiences of emerging scholars—graduate students and junior faculty—to share and grow through our interdisciplinary/translational work. Over the years, Critical Juncture has hosted a range of scholars, including Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw, the scholar credited with first defining the concept of intersectionality.

Critical Juncture 2019: Translating Across Boundaries will be a space to struggle with the question how do we communicate with people different than us? Differences are constructed barriers which prevent access to information and the validation of different ways of knowing. We are particularly interested in the ways in which individuals working in specific disciplines or from specific positions of knowledge engage with other intersectional communities and/or convey their insights to those beyond their tribe. These differences can include, but are not limited to:
● Between intellectual camps and across disciplinary boundaries
● Within and without the academy
● Questions of translation (broadly defined)
● Language production itself (including biologically, psycholinguistically, or socially)

As these topics are by no means mutually exclusive, we also welcome contributors who overlap issues. We also welcome contributions which bring these issues into conversation with disability, race, gender, sexuality, social class, ageism, geographic determinism, etc.

We encourage a diverse assemblage of participants—ranging from academic scholars of all disciplines, to artists, activists and non-profit professionals—to share how they communicate their work and ideas with others from different communities, disciplines, or spaces of situated knowledge. Such presentations may include scholars’ work in the translational sciences, humanities or media studies scholars bridging academia and public writing or media (or bridging different branches of disciplinary knowledge), clinicians bringing theoretical concepts into their everyday practice, or science activists who seek to work in closer concert with marginalized communities.

Interested individuals may submit either content or process papers:

Content papers: Discussions focusing on research findings, theoretical arguments, clinical best practices, and mechanistic accounts of communication across boundaries. Please submit a 150-word abstract and include “CONTENT PAPER” in the email header.

Process papers: Discussions focusing on one’s experience of doing translational work in a situated context. These can be personal reflections, advice from the field, or meta-analyses, to name a few. Please submit a 250-word reflection on the translational process you intend to discuss and include “PROCESS PAPER” in the email header.

Deadline: December 19, 2018
Further questions and proposed papers may be emailed to criticaljunctureconference@gmail.com.

Visit our website: www.criticaljunctureconference.wordpress.com
Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/criticaljuncture

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