Meredith Hammons on The Ethics of Using Sources in Research and Teaching: November 15 @ 3:30-5:00pm, Callaway 103

As information becomes available in a variety of formats, it becomes more and more difficult to identify plagiarism and to avoid it, in both research and teaching contexts. This workshop will address questions such as: What constitutes ‘fair use’ under US copyright law? Is it ethical to make a digital copy of a book for your own use? If something is available on the internet, are there any restrictions on how you can use it? This workshop will offer a basic grounding in US copyright law, a framework for making decisions on how to use sources ethically, and resources for future use.

Target audience: all students

Objective 1: Students will able to find and interpret United States copyright law in order to determine if their use of sources complies.
Objective 2: Students will be able to formulate criteria and determine if their use of a source for and/or teaching is ethical.

Format: Workshop

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